Your Dream Vacation is Here

Medical Kit:

  1. Instant Pain Relief (Moove/Iodex)
  2. Dettol/ Savlon
  3. Headache Medicine (Disprin/Asprin)
  4. Dizziness and body pain Medicine
  5. Band-aids
  6. Medicine for high altitude/mountainΒ sickness (imodium/diamox)
  7. Medicine to suffice lack of oxygen.
  8. Medicine for food poisoning.

Wearable Items

  1. Goggles and Sunscreen lotion for for protection from sun and UV-rays
  2. Body oil to protect your skin fromΒ dry and cold winds of Ladakh
  3. Lip Balm/ vaselineΒ 
  4. Gloves for bikers
  5. Mufler
  6. Caps
  7. Water/Wind proof jacket.
  8. Jackets/Pullovers/Sweaters
  9. Woolen socks/gloves
  10. Light trouser/ t-shirt

Other Necessary Stuff

1.Torch with extra cells (NOTE: Less power in leh)

2.Water bottle

3. Camera with extra batteries (if you are carrying any)

energy booster

Energy Booster Stuff

  1. Carry Glucose, choclates, Nuts and other stuff which u want to carry.
  1. NOTE:Β Appetite will reduce due to AMS

Β  2. Carry pickle if you love extra spicy food.


  1. Facewash/Paper Soap
  2. Tooth brush/ Tooth paste
  3. Wet tissue/Dry tissue

Some other important stuff:

  1. Carry your ID-card and some photocopies of it.
  2. Medical Insurance(if any)
  3. Map of Ladakh
  4. Hotel name and contact number given by us.