2Days Triund Trek

Memories are made here.

Triundย is a small hill station in the Kangra district in the state of Himachal, andย ย the most popular trek inย Dharamshala. Because its an easy trek, views from the top are amazing, camping at night is better than the time spent in a day at Triund.

Throughout this track you’ll hear the melodious sound of bells from Buddhist monasteries, which seem to float on the surface of mist and downed clouds.ย You will get a chance to see the famous Waterfall of Maclo, “Bhagsunath Waterfall”. and Bhagsu Temple. The ‘triund trek’ starts right above the waterfall.

Route Plan:ย Dharamkot – Triund –ย Dharamkot

Costing Includes:ย Accomodation, Transport, Meal, Tour Guide, Sightseeing, Permits and taxes




9,350 ft.


Rs 2,000


  • Overnight volvo transfers from Delhi/Chandigarh toย Maclodganjย 

Noteย : Day 0, Delhi toย Maclodganj transport is for those who have taken the ex delhi package.

  • Freshen up inย Maclodganj
  • Breakfast (exclusion)
  • Transfers fromย Maclodganj toย Dharamkotย 
  • 4-5 hours trek to triund top
  • Lunch (in mid way during the trek)
  • Dinner in triund camping site
  • Domb camps in triund at 9,350 ft.

Noteย : “Freshenup inย Maclodganj” is for those who have taken the ex delhi package.

  • Breakfast in triund
  • Return trek via same route toย Dharamkotย 
  • Dropping at Maclodganj via shared cabs
  • Volvo transfers fromย Maclodganj toย Delhi/Chandigarh
  • Jouney ends here with billion memories

Note :

  • “Dropping at Maclodganj”ย is for those who have taken ex Maclodganj package
  • “Volvo transfers fromย Maclodganj toย Delhi/Chandigarh”ย is for those who have taken exย Delhi/Chandigarh package.