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Backpacking Tips For Triund Trek

Triund is a tranquil and charming trekking goal. Settled in the lap of Dhauladhar Range, 18 km from Dharamshala, it offers stunning views of the grand Dhauladhar goes on one side and the dazzling Kangra valley on the other. What’s more, the Triund trek is a reasonably testing trek, famous among adventure devotees.


Triund Trek

tranquil and charming trekking
The beautiful Himachal Pradesh always attract the tourists from India and abroad. There are many such people among these tourists and travelers who are very fond of the exciting journey.
The panoramic view of nature surrounded by high mountains, evokes a different feeling in the minds of people. Wherever you look, the beauty of nature is seen from a new perspective. A trekking journey would be so enjoyable amidst these beauty, right?
Triund is most well-known and prominent trail in Himachal Pradesh that attracts people who love every adventure. This trekking trek along the springs mountains makes you aware of all the colors of nature.
Triund trek trail begins from McLeodganj, the capital of the Tibetan government-in-exile. The path of the trinity opens from this city of Buddhist monasteries and Buddhist monks. The Triand trek begins at a distance of 6 km from the Galu Temple via McLeodganj.
The biggest attractions of McLeodganj are Bhagsu Falls and the Bhagsu Temple here. Just above this waterfall, a thrilling trek of Triund Trek’ begins.
Difficulty level of triund trek is easy, Still during trekking in many places, you will get a steep climb here where there is also the risk of slipping your feet. Therefore, you should continue your trekking journey with ease.
You will have to cross 22 winding ranges before reaching the height of the triund trek. These 22 curved ranges make this trek a bit difficult, but after reaching the height, all these things make you feel breathtaking and lovely.

Triund Trekking

gears for you

Have always wanted to get into trekking but don’t know where to start? One of the first tasks you need to do before you hit the trail is to decide what to pack for hike. Can I pack my sneakers? Will this pants – tshirts be ok? If you aren’t sure what to pack, you aren’t alone, that’s one of the most common questions new hikers ask.

There are a lot of item options for triund trek backpacking. Here at “Raid De himalaya“, we understand how frustrating it may feel to review all these one by one. To help you out, we put together this ultimate hiking items. Whether it’s winter or summer, we’ve got you covered.

Most Popular Questions

 Everything you need to know in this Triund trek backpacking guide.

Triund trek is accessible throughout the year, with the exception of during January and February. Overwhelming snowfall during these months remove a few areas of the trail.

The best time to visit Triund is from March to June on account of the comfortable and agreeable climate with clear view. The climate in Triund is cool and agreeable round the year, aside from crisp winter months.

We believe in go clean, come clean.

If you can’t clean your surrounding then don’t make it dirty.

  • Kindly DO NOT PLAY LOUD MUSIC during trek or at the camping site. Numerous individuals come there to discover harmony, not to see a crowd of partying animals.
  • Have a good time, click pictures, meet and talk with new trekkers during trek, don’t surge up the trail.